What Is a Credit Report
Credit history What Is a Credit Report

You balance your checkbook and check your portfolio, but how frequently do you check your credit files? Credit files are windows into your private life.

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Identity Theft
Scams Identity Theft

Have you been a victim of identity theft? Do you know how to avoid identity theft? There are a number of steps individuals can take to avoid identity theft.

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Prevent Identity Theft
Scams Prevent Identity Theft

How to Prevent Identity Theft Identity theft relies on a criminal getting access to your personal and financial information. Protecting this information as best as is possible is the first step.

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Bankruptcy File Segregation Scam
Scams Bankruptcy File Segregation Scam

The credit file segregation scam targets those who have filed bankruptcy. ‘File Segregation’ promises an individual the opportunity to hide unfavorable credit details and information by creating a new credit identity.

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Credit Repair Scams
Scams Credit Repair Scams

Spot credit repair scams Although there are many reputable credit repair companies in existence today, there are also many scams being perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers.

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Victim of Identity Theft
Scams Victim of Identity Theft

If you're a victim of Identity Theft There are important steps to follow for those who believe they are victims of identity theft.

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